Vintage Moroccan Lantern Ceiling Hanging Lamp Home Decor

Vintage Moroccan Lantern Ceiling Hanging Lamp Home Decor


Vintage Moroccan Lantern Ceiling Hanging Lamp Home Decor Moroccan chandelier pendant lamp, modern design handmade Moroccan Turkish Lights

This striking Moroccan lantern is created in metal with a white finish on the outside and gold on the inside. The Moroccan light glows with a beautiful gold glow. The size of the fixture is ideal for larger rooms.

Item Specifications

Type:- Moroccan Hanging Lamp Lanterns

Color:- Gold

Size:- 16 x 8 Inches

Material:- Metal / Iron

Design:- Moroccan

Occasion:- House Warming, Hanging Light Decoration

item Description

These Moroccan hanging Lamp will add a dash of grace to any corner of the room with their unique design. Pendant ceiling light will lend you ample illumination for proper visibility. Brighten up your abode with the brightness of a hanging lantern antique lighting fixture. Pendant lighting fixtures, added to the ceiling above the stairs, create a unique look and functional lighting design for safety. Also, ethnic pendant lighting help showcase pictures on the wall, emphasize unique design, or add more interest to your home decor. That glass hanging is made to intensify the Allure and Elegance of your Area. When you turn on the light, it flabbergasts you with enchantment. This contemporary ceiling light is a great way to add style to your home. It's perfect for Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Utility Rooms, Pantries, and other living areas. Various Flex Cable color options are available.

included in a suspension chain which will help you to handle it easily.

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    Shree Radhe Crafts Shop

  • Highlights

    • Height: 16 inches

    • Width: 8 inches

    • Handmade

    • Dispatches from a small business in 


    • Materials: Metal