Tibetan Buddhist Deity Green Tara

Tibetan Buddhist Deity Green Tara


She is the goddess of compassion and mother of liberation. Green Tara is the wisdom Buddha who protects her devotees from all obstacles and fulfils their wishes. She is one of the most popular goddesses in the Buddhist pantheon whose compassion for living beings is said to be stronger than a mother’s love for her children. As per the usual form, she is depicted with a green hued body as green is the universal color of healing and it is the healing energy of Green Tara that brings awareness and relief from all negative aspects. Exotic India provides a collection of five color combinations namely, the royal black-brown-gold, chola color with an antique look, bright double chola, most popular natural brass and the rarest of all, mix of golden and grey in a super antique look.


She sits here like a voluptuous young woman clad in beautiful silks and ornate jewels; her posture is a reflection of her youthful vigour and activity as the right leg extends outwards in the readiness to spring into action and left is folded in the contemplative posture; the right hand is on right knee, palm facing outwards in the mudra of supreme giving and holds a stem of pink lotus flower while the left hand is in front of the heart granting refuge and holds a stem of blue lotus that floats over her left shoulder symbolizing purity and power.


Both the palms are scored with sacred Buddhist symbols and the head is crowned in a mesmerized fashion having a long-extended top and a highlighted broch in the centre. Zoom in to appreciate the sharp and smooth carvings of her features of a pointed nose, long and sleek eyebrows, eyes closed in meditation and the delicate lips, curving a bit to form a smile.

  • Specification

    15.0 INCH X 11.5 INCH X 9.0 INCH

    7 KG