The Buddha Amoghasiddhi, Surrounded By The Dhyani Buddhas (Tibetan Buddhist Broc

The Buddha Amoghasiddhi, Surrounded By The Dhyani Buddhas (Tibetan Buddhist Broc


Lord Amoghasiddhi is the abhaya (fearlessness) component of the Buddha, and one of the five dhyani (deep contemplative) Buddhas that He is resolved into. In fact, His right hand is raised in the abhaya mudra, its soft, red palm turned reassuringly towards the thirsting onlooker. He is accomplished (siddha) in His infallibility (amogha), and is known as the Buddha of karmayoga. When taken as a visualisation aid, for which this thangka would be apt, Amoghasiddhi dispels envy and incompetence.

This modern Amoghasiddhi composition leaves out the dual dorje. Instead, His other hand rests gently at the juncture of His padmasana, palm skywards, which is the traditional dhyani (meditative) gesture. The dark olive complexion of the Lord is overlain with streams of gold shringar fit for a Buddha. The large lobes of His ears are graced by bejewelled kundalas. The multi-spired crown on His head befits His heavenly majesty.

He is seated on a bed of gorgeously coloured lotus petals. Surrounding the dominant central figure of Amoghasiddhi are the rest of the dhyani Buddhas - Akshobhya, Amitabha, Ratnasambhava, and Vairochana, each differentiated by the colour of His skin and the mudra of His hands. He is flanked by none other than the tall, beauteous Devis named Tara. They are the queens of the Buddhist paraloka, and the the wives of Amoghasiddhi.

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