Superfine Tibetan Buddhist Deity Manjushri Seated on Lion - Brocadeless Thangka

Superfine Tibetan Buddhist Deity Manjushri Seated on Lion - Brocadeless Thangka


Manjushri is known to be a Bodhisattva of transcendent wisdom. It is believed that he hails from the group of Dhyani Bodhisattva. He is generally represented like a prince decked up in Bodhisattva ornaments. In this brocade less Thangka he is seated on lion so he can be also named as ‘Manjughosa’. When Lord Buddha evoked a golden ray from his forehead it struck a jambu-tree and as a result, lotus sprang from the tree and from that lotus prince of sages, Manjushri was born.

The color of Manjushri’s body is yellow and he is majestically seated on a lion. A roseate halo surrounds the crown lying on the head of a lord which is slightly tilted towards left. He has a sword in his right hand to erase the ignorance that obstructs the way of his devotees in gaining enlightenment and on a left shoulder rests a blue color lotus on which lies a small book, a symbol of transcendent wisdom. It is a manuscript of ‘Prajnaparamita’. The upper torso is adorned with beautiful ornaments and the thread of life while the waist is covered with superfine garments. He is seated in the position called ‘lalitasana’ wherein his left leg rests on a flower and the other leg bends from the knee and rests on the back of the lion who is looking in the direction of the lord. He is seated on the pistil of full-bloomed lotus. One can see the plethora of lotuses in different colors and sizes in a view behind the lord.

The landscape around the lord is very picturesque. There is an idyllic lake surrounded with mountains and dark deep-colored clouds against the deep blue sky are astounding. The traditional Tibetan motifs on the border of the painting enhance its beauty. The vast palette of rich, bright, and colorful colors captures the essence of the theme.

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    SIZE - 20 INCHES X 25.5 INCHES