Superfine Medicine Buddha On The Six-Ornament Throne of Enlightenment in His Uni

Superfine Medicine Buddha On The Six-Ornament Throne of Enlightenment in His Uni


The Medicine Buddha, also called Bhaisajyaguru, is the Buddha or healing renowned from Mahayana Buddhism. He is said to have made 12 vows which lead him to heal anyone who calls for him in time of suffering and illness. These illnesses are both of body and mind, believed to be rooted from ignorance or desire. True to tradition, the Medicine Buddha is depicted in this thangka with blue skin. This springs from the belief that his Pure Land is called the Pure Lapis Lazuli, a semi-precious stone that has a rich blue color. He has a medicine bowl on his lap containing medicine nectar and the Myrobalan plant believed to a plant with healing properties. His right hand is in a granting mudra while the thumb and index finger are holding the stem of the Myrobalan plant. He is dressed in a monk’s robe and he can be seen seated on a six-ornament throne with lotus details which represent enlightenment.

In the thangka, other deities surround him in a vast setting that depicts the universe. The other seen above him are the Eight Medicine Buddhas, also invoked for prayers of healing from suffering or physical ailments. The Shakyamuni is positioned at the center, above the Medicine Buddha’s head. At the bottom are Manjushri’s the Buddha of wisdom’s emanation, the Dorje Shugden. The White Mahakala, the Buddha of Compassion is also pictured. They are attended by other beings and creatures also featured in the painting. The packed thangka also carries a dominant red palette, which may mean prosperity and good health.

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    SIZE - 20 INCHES X 26.7 INCHES