Shakyamuni Buddha with Large Lotus Petals Aureole - Tibetan Buddhist

Shakyamuni Buddha with Large Lotus Petals Aureole - Tibetan Buddhist


Lotus in all its colour variations and stylistic forms is one of the most common sacred symbols associated with Tibetan art and is known for its purity, perfection, compassion and renunciation. This brass statue of Lord Buddha depicts a beautiful and core relation of flowers with Buddhism; Shakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism is all enveloped here in detailed carvings and patterns of lotus flowers. With an erect backbone and a perfect curve of the torso, Lord Buddha sits in a lotus posture holding an alms bowl on his lap with the left palm and right one touches the pedestal assuming to touch the Mother Earth and call her to witness the moment of Buddha’s enlightenment, having the gesture known by Bhumisparsha Mudra.



One of the enticing features of this sculpture is the large lotus petal-shaped aureole formed behind Buddha’s head, signifying his aura of divinity. The luxury of carves and the precision of patterns beautify this unique styled aureole; highlighted circular layer of lotus petals and the mini cloud formations that fill the outer space reflect the strong connection of nature with Buddhism in promoting harmonious living and fostering environmental friendly attributes such as selflessness, love, kindness and compassion. Note the geometric pattern of his robe, forming large square boxes and each decorated with a flower inside it. The laborious time taken to mould this Bhumisparsha Buddha sculpture can be analyzed by the clear and beautiful detailed carves.




As you zoom in to the face, you will be amazed by the realistic expressions of satisfaction and positivity that arouse from the delicate smiling lips and the half-open eyes in peace. The wavy dot on the forehead is symbolic of his third eye of wisdom. We at Exotic India help you with a variety of two colours of this Buddha statue to choose from; each carved in its own lavishness and charm. Pick the one that goes best with your décor.

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