Radha-Krishna Statues Within An Aureole Engraved With Krishnaleela Episodes

Radha-Krishna Statues Within An Aureole Engraved With Krishnaleela Episodes


Have you ever wondered about the heavenly beauty of lord Krishna and the divine grace and extreme love of the cosmic couple Krishna and Radha? Well, if you are confused, we have an answer to your thoughts. The beauty and the invincible love bond reflected from the carvings of this superfine brass sculpture of Radha and Krishna is the nearest to what the divinities actually had. Both stand on double lotus pedestals respectively, with lord Krishna as Tribhanga Murari and Radha in a dancing posture. The thought of using multiple tones of bright yellow gold for body hue, ancient and rare look for ornaments and the shiny copper for their crowns, highlights every beauteous aspect of this Krishna and Radha sculpture.

The cosmic couple is arched graciously in a temple style boundary and the most awe-struck aspect of this arch is that its entire brass boundary is etched lavishly in vertical direction from top to bottom showing various instances of Krishna leela. Every figurine and the expression behind that leela is carved in a mesmerizing charm, separated by thin circular (as per the arch’s shape) brass strips. The temple arch is topped with lord Shiva idol in his meditating posture and the Kirtimukha face sculpted just below it having a large and supremely carved temple bell hung on it.


Both Krishna and Radha are laden with astounding jewels all over their body and the long flower garland hung round their necks. Krishna plays his flute arousing cosmic sounds of peace and love from it and Radha, hypnotized by those tunes, dances in her utter grace. Zoom in to the face to appreciate the beautiful carved smile and the divine eyes that add more charm to this Krishna and Radha brass sculpture. Adorned in precisely chiselled clothes and the large stylized crowns decorated with ethnic broch and an elongated flower top.

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