Lord Ganesha Poised on a Cushion Chowki

Lord Ganesha Poised on a Cushion Chowki


Batik paint is an exclusive wax-resist dye work of art originated in Indonesia and is done using a sprouted tool called, tjanting. Batik art is best portrayed on a cotton cloth, similar to the one shown on this page. Ganesha here sits bit sideways with the left leg touching the ground and right folded upwards. Painter has established a beautiful amalgamation of red, yellow, white, orange and green colors while creating this artwork.


The soft cushion chowki emerge a sense of relaxation as he sits; garbed in a ritualistic pleated red dhoti, a similar shade angrakha along with a white colored stole and lavishly ornamented in lustrous golds and beads. As you look at this painting, what catches the eyes is the elephant head, which is painted in utmost realism having a striated trunk that holds the laddoo, similar striated flappy ears, deep inclined eyes, glowing red Shaivite tilak and a multicolored crown placed in honor. Chaturbhuja blesses the devotees of fearlessness with the right hand and left rests on the flower booster highlighting his comfort in the posture he has taken; rear hands carry a conch and lotus respectively.


Ganesha is poised in a temple arch of beautiful edges and the traditional layered pillars with a backdrop of white and orange rope curtain. The black background and the black carpet on floor highlights each and every minutest pattern in the most mesmerizing and elegant manner. The yellow-orange rays at the top and bottom of the frame seem to radiate that positive energy arousing from the divine’s inner self.


  • Specifications


    57 INCH X 70 INCH