Folk Entertainment - Tribal Couple Dancing

Folk Entertainment - Tribal Couple Dancing


Song and dance are an integral aspect of the variegated lives of tribes in India. Many like the one in this decorative sculpture earn their keep through these folk forms of entertainment. This dynamic work in brass depicts a dancing couple in the midst of one of their routines. Both figurines are poised on an identical base engraved with the kind of minimalistic engravings to be found at the doors of tribal dwellings.

The taller one is the male, of course. He wears a pleated loincloth and, except for the layers of chains from the base of the neck right down to the midriff, his torso is bare. He is wearing a complex headdress, from the sides of which emerge two horns. This is indicative of the hunting and gathering propensities of his tribe. His features are prominently defined and grave, not unlike his female companion.

She is slenderer and shorter, her lithe figure conveying more energy than his. She is wearing a short skirt, and the ornaments on her person are chunkier and more feminine. In fact, one of her necklaces serves to conceal the best part of her bare torso. Her headdress, in contrast to his, is light and feathery. Note how she raises one of her dancing feet into the air, almost as if she is about to jump off the pedestal and dance vigorously to his music.

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