Devi Lakshmi, The Very Picture Of Opulence

Devi Lakshmi, The Very Picture Of Opulence


Of the Devi of plenty, this piece of folk art is a fine expression. The Devi Lakshmi is seated in lalitasana on a lotus-throne of golden petals. Her silk saree is hemmed with gold, more of which is to be found in Her ample shringar - from necklaces and floral kundalas, to amulets and anklets. She holds a lotus in each of Her posterior hands, Her anterior alta-painted ones held up in blessing. Except for the arrangement of Her fair limbs, from Her person to the durbar that surrounds Her the whole composition is in perfect symmetry. Her throne is flanked by a pair of bejewelled pillars, and topped by a richly engraved roof. A black velvet curtain with minimal white motifs makes up the backdrop. The feet of Her pendant limb nuzzles a lotus that is blooming in a small freshwater pool afore Her asana.

The gold-and-silver colour palette of the painting makes a statement of abundance. In fact, Devi Lakshmi presides over resources because it is quintessential to the preservation of the universe, for which Her husband, Lord Vishnu, is responsible. The face of Vishnupriya is beauteous and tattooed, the sumptuous gold crown sitting on Her head befitting the same. A composure of life and vibrance characterises Her countenance.

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    19 INCH X 26.5 INCH