Bitone Buddha Seated On A Gigantic Lotus Bloom Throne

Bitone Buddha Seated On A Gigantic Lotus Bloom Throne


A gigantic bloom of a lotus-shaped throne. Layered petals, each carved in perfect symmetry with the other. The lotus occupies pride of place in Buddhist iconography. It is the symbol of compassion, a quintessential Buddhist value, and of the highest nerve plexus (chakra) in the human body according to yogic anatomy. The Buddha is seated on the belly of a giant lotus bloom, the hems of His silken robe spread about the ground beneath Him. He extends a gentle touch (‘sparsha’) on the earth (‘bhoomi’), as if calling upon Mother Earth to witness His Enlightenment. As such, this stance (‘mudra’) of the hand, the right one, is called the bhoomisparsha mudra, an integral element of the seated Buddha iconography.

The superb bearing of a perfectly straight, supple spine. A stately neck and shoulders. A long, slender torso draped in a robe the gracious colour of gold, which in turn sets off the lustrous earth-coloured skin of the contemplative figure. In fact, the robe is the most striking aspect of this composition, having been executed with considerable attention to detail and a lifelike quality. Episodes from the life of Siddhartha Gautama are engraved on to the ‘fabric’ in remarkable detail. It is draped over the left shoulder and brought from the back down the right, the rest of it falling over His musculature in graceful, lifelike folds. The stoopa-like bun on His head and the little almsbowl in His left hand complete the picture.

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