Bhumisparsha Shakyamuni Buddha in an Adorable Stone Studded Robe

Bhumisparsha Shakyamuni Buddha in an Adorable Stone Studded Robe


There are many Bhumisparsha Buddha brass sculptures to choose from in the market, but the differentiated aspect of this artefact is the colourful layers of his robe, carved in an enticing manner forming a horizontal path of stones on the entire robe. The facial features are chiselled in a divine aura focusing on every minutest detail. Lord Shakyamuni Buddha was the founder of Buddhism and his teachings were inclined towards the path of enlightenment, free from all material and leisurely aspects and he settled in this Bhumisparsha posture with the right hand touching the ground, is symbolic of him calling Mother Earth to witness his enlightenment.



The designer robe enwraps his body in its usual style decorated with alternate colourful stone inlay layers in beads and flowers. The astonishing thing is that the sculptor has created an adorable aspect of beauty by combining bright and dull abstract colours together in a charmed manner. As you look at the rear image of this Buddha sculpture, you will be fascinated by the pattern of a smooth flow of layers on the robe in a single glance. Not just this, the robe is further designed in superfine large flower motifs at wide gaps to enhance the look of richness and luxury.




This Buddha mudra is considered to be an action of great importance as it represents the very moment of Buddha’s enlightenment. It is believed that placing a Bhumisparsha Buddha statue facing the eastward direction, from where the sun rises induces maximum benefits and eternal knowledge. Keep this Buddha brass sculpture inside or outside your house or workplace for décor to woo over.

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    4.100 KG