Bhumisparsha Lord Buddha With Excellent Inlay Work

Bhumisparsha Lord Buddha With Excellent Inlay Work


Buddha is popularly revered as the presiding deity in Buddhism, but people in Tibet consider him more of a superhuman rather than a god. His various gestures and mudras are symbolic of his valuable messages to the devotees, by which they can be free of the negative energies around them and follow the path of harmony and peace. This brass Buddha statue is one such symbol, where lord Buddha is touching the Mother Earth with his right hand and calling her to be a witness to his successful attainment of enlightenment and left kept on his lap holds the begging bowl or the alms bowl, which was used to collect alms (money or food) from lay supporters.

Perched on a lavishly carved pedestal, surrounded by lotus petals, all inlayed in a bright combination of red, green and blue stones that complements perfectly with the golden base color. Although this Buddha sculpture is carved in its pre-defined expressions and forms, but the aspects that further beautify it are the way each of the face features are taken care of. Having the sharp pointed nose, gentle smiling lips, long curved eyebrows, half open eyes and the wavy dot on forehead representing Buddha’s third eye of wisdom.


The catchiest part in this entire Buddha sculpture is his floral inlayed robe. The entire robe is bordered with large blue colored beads and a thin golden bead piping surrounding it from either side. The field is flooded with red colored flowers and green leaves all around. This bright combination by reconstituted stones inlayed on the Buddha brass sculpture, highlight the grace and superfine carvings by the sculptor. 

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