Yoga Practice

Who are we?

We are a team of young artists, yogis and entrepreneurs focusing on introducing world-class handmade artists to preserve tradition, ethnicity, and culture by promoting geo-specific eco-friendly products to today's overflowing fast fashion market psychology that accounts for over 40% of total pollution, (with just textile accounting for 8% of the air pollution, according to the statistics of 2019).  

 What does NativeHands stand for?

NativeHands is not just a company, it's the propagation of a new lifestyle and the ethosphere, we at NATIVE HANDS believe that we can change major issues faced in the society we live in and stand for due to unawarness on eco-lifestyle and sustainability. Ancient cultures have taught us that by co-existing with nature everyone can live a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Here we thrive to raise an eco-friendly culture that supports and helps preserves traditional techniques and methods used by artisans and be a part of an eco-friendly lifestyle by getting high-quality and durable products with the least energy consumption using ancient techniques from various cultures across the globe and build them a self sustainable income to continue their art for generations later.

What are our goals?


We have the most efficient way of transport today, The most sophisticated networks of reaching people. This has come with a  market that is ruthless towards its production and the unaware buyers are flooding the thin balance of eco-living, we like to eliminate this issues by supporting ancient means,


We thrive to :

-To fight to preserve Geo- Specific Products from around the world and aid artisans and help them from going extinct due to modernism.

-To Introduce a new eco way to think before we buy everyday products.

-To Build a community that consciously reduces the usage of harmful products and be a part of the eco change. 

-To reduce the usage of energy that is required for production implementing ancient traditional means. 

-To reduce the usage of nondurable products overflowing the market.

-To reduce the usage of non-bio products to promote sustainability.

-To Increase products that reflect ethnicity, culture, and traditions from across the globe.

-To support all local eco artisans and be a helping hand in saving the planet.

Overall, building an educated society that lives in harmony with nature by consciously being aware of the products they chose to buy without being a part of the existing societal problem is what we would like to see one day.